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Resident Evil

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Resident Evil is a British-German 2002 horror film written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. The film stars Milla JovovichMichelle RodriguezEric Mabius, and James Purefoy. It is the first installment in the Resident Evil film series, which is based on the Capcom survival horror series Resident Evil.

Borrowing elements from the video games Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, the film follows amnesiac heroine Alice and a band of Umbrella Corporation commandos as they attempt to contain the outbreak of the T-Virus at a secret underground facility. The film received many negative reviews from critics but was commercially successful, grossing more than $102 million worldwide.


Inside the Hive, a top-secret genetic research facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation located beneath Raccoon City, a thief throws a vial of the T-Virus into a lab causing it to escape into the air vents. The vial breaks and the facility’s artificial intelligence, the Red Queen, detects possible infection. It seals the Hive, trapping and killing everyone inside.

Alice (Piotr Szpryngier) awakens in an empty mansion with amnesia. She and a police officer, Matt (Eric Mabius), are seized by a group of commandos and taken to an underground train station that leads to The Hive. The group discovers Spence (James Purefoy), also suffering from amnesia. The head of the commandos, „One“ (Colin Salmon), explains that everyone in the group except Matt is an employee of the Umbrella Corporation. The Red Queen released a nerve gas in the mansion that caused their amnesia. The group boards the train and travels to The Hive.

They find their way to The Queen’s chamber, but it is protected by a laser defense system. Four of the commandos are killed including One. The only commandos left alive are Rain (Michelle Rodriguez), Kaplan (Martin Crewes), and J.D. They set up an EMP device to disable The Queen. The AI manifests itself as the holographic of a young girl and pleads with them not to disable it, claiming that if they do then bad things will happen. The Queen’s warnings are ignored; the system is disabled and the power fails, causing all of the doors to open, releasing the zombified staff into The Hive. During a running battle with the zombies, Rain becomes infected after being bitten and J.D is killed. Alice and Spence begin to regain their memories, but Matt and Alice are separated from Kaplan, Rain and Spence. Matt looks for information about his sister while Alice encounters several experimental dogs and surprises herself when she uses martial arts to defend herself.

Matt finds his sister, Lisa (Heike Makatsch), is already a zombie. As she attacks him Alice arrives in time to save him. Matt explains that he and Lisa attempted to smuggle out a sample of the blue vial, the T-Virus, to take down Umbrella. Matt believes that Lisa’s contact is the one to blame for supposedly betraying her. Alice remembers she was Lisa’s contact, but does not tell Matt. After being chased, the survivors reunite at The Queen’s chamber. Alice turns The Queen back on in order to find an exit; the Red Queen agrees to help them. As they try escaping through the maintenance tunnels, they are ambushed by zombies. Kaplan is separated from the rest as pipes collapse while the group is crossing over them. Alice remembers that an anti-virus exists, a vial of green liquid.

At the lab they find the vials containing the T-Virus and anti-virus are gone. Spence regains his memory and realizes he was the person who stole and released the virus. He stashed the vials on the train. Spence gets bitten then traps the survivors in the lab then heads toward the train. Before he can inject himself with the anti-virus he is killed by a mutated creature called a Licker. The Red Queen offers to spare Alice and Matt if they kill Rain, who has been infected for too long for the anti-virus to work. As the Licker attempts to bash through the lab window to get to them, Rain tells Alice to chop off her head. After Alice smashes the monitor which the Red Queen was using to talk to them, a power-outage occurs. The laboratory door opens to reveal Kaplan, who has disabled the Red Queen.

The four survivors start the train before The Hive is quarantined again. As they head back to the mansion, the Licker hurls Kaplan from the train. Alice battles the Licker as Matt kills a now zombified Rain. After being clawed by the Licker, Matt opens a door on the floor of the train, causing the Licker to be dragged along the track and burned to death. Matt and Alice arrive at the mansion, escaping before the doors close. Matt begins mutating due to his wounds. Before Alice can give him the anti-virus the mansion doors burst open and Umbrella scientists seize them. They subdue Alice and take Matt away, revealing he is to be put into the „Nemesis Program“ and they intend to re-open the Hive. Alice attempts to fight them off, but is overpowered and knocked unconscious.

Alice awakens at the Raccoon City Hospital strapped to an examination table. After escaping, she goes outside to find Raccoon City a chaotic abandoned mess. A newspaper clipping shows that the T-Virus spread to the surface after Umbrella reopened the Hive, creating an army of undead which devastated the city within hours. Alice arms herself with a shotgun from a nearby police car as the film ends.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a 2003 adventure fantasy film based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney theme parks. It was directed by Gore Verbinski and produced byJerry Bruckheimer. The story follows blacksmith Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) as they rescue the kidnapped Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) from the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, captained by Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush).

Jay Wolpert developed a script based on the theme park ride in 2001, and Stuart Beattie rewrote it in early 2002. Around that time, producer Jerry Bruckheimer became involved in the project; he had Ted Elliottand Terry Rossio work on the script, adding the supernatural curse to the storyline. Filming took place from October 2002 to March 2003 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and on sets constructed aroundLos Angeles, California.

The world premiere was held at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, on June 28, 2003. The Curse of the Black Pearl was an unexpected success, with positive reviews and grossing over $653 million worldwide. The film became the first in a series, with two back-to-back sequelsDead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, released in 2006 and 2007. A spinoff/sequel to the trilogy, On Stranger Tides, was released in 2011. The original film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Depp.


As Governor Weatherby Swann (Jonathan Pryce) and his 12-year-old daughter, Elizabeth and Lieutenant James Norrington (Jack Davenport) , sail to Port RoyalJamaica, their vessel encounters a shipwreck with a sole survivor, the young Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). Elizabeth hides a gold medallion that the unconscious Will is wearing, fearing it will identify him as a pirate. She glimpses a ghostly pirate ship, later identified as the Black Pearl.

Eight years later, Captain James Norrington of the Royal Navy is promoted to Commodore. He proposes to Elizabeth (Keira Knightley). Before she can answer, her over-tightened corset causes her to faint and fall into the bay, where she sinks to the bottom. When the medallion she is wearing touches the seafloor, it emits a pulse.

Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) arrives in Port Royal to commandeer a ship. He rescues Elizabeth, but Norrington recognizes Jack as a pirate and arrests him. Jack briefly takes Elizabeth hostage in order to escape and ducks into a blacksmith’s shop, encountering Will Turner, now a blacksmith’s apprentice. After a sword duel between the two, Jack is knocked unconscious and jailed, to be hanged the next day. That night Port Royal is besieged by the Pearl, answering the medallion’s pulse. Elizabeth is captured and invokes parley. She negotiates for the pirates to stop attacking Port Royal in exchange for the medallion and lies to Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) telling him that her surname is Turner. Barbossa agrees but exploits a loophole to keep Elizabeth prisoner, believing she is the key to breaking a curse they are under.

Will, who loves Elizabeth, suggests that they make a deal with Jack Sparrow to lead them to the Black Pearl, but Norrington refuses and says Will has no say in the matter as he’s just a blacksmith. Will then persuades Jack to help him rescue her in exchange for freeing him. Jack agrees after learning Will’s surname is Turner, believing he can use Will to reclaim the Pearl. Will and Jack commandeer the HMSInterceptor and recruit a crew in Tortuga with help from Jack’s old friend, Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin McNally). They set sail for Isla de Muerta, as Jack knows the pirates will go there to break the curse.

Will learns Jack was once captain of the Pearl, but when he shared the bearings to a chest of Aztec gold, Barbossa, Jack’s first mate at the time, mutinied and marooned him on an island. Following the Pirate Code, Barbossa gave Jack a pistol with a single shot, so that he may shoot himself rather than starve to death. Jack escaped three days later and kept the pistol for ten years; saving the bullet so that he may kill Barbossa. The pirates spent the treasure but learned it was cursed, turning them into skeletal beings whose true forms are revealed in moonlight. The curse can be lifted if the coins and each pirate’s blood is returned to the chest. William „Bootstrap Bill“ Turner, Jack’s only supporter, sent a coin to his son, Will, believing the crew should remain cursed. Barbossa had Bootstrap tied to a cannon and thrown overboard, only to learn his blood was needed to break the curse; a Turner relative must take his place.

At Isla de Muerta, Barbossa, believing Elizabeth is Bootstrap’s child, anoints the last coin with her blood and drops it into the chest— the curse remains unbroken. After reaching the island, Will suspects Jack may betray him and knocks him out. He rescues Elizabeth and they escape to the Interceptor leaving Jack behind. Jack barters with Barbossa—he will reveal Bootstrap Bill’s child in exchange for the Pearl. Jack’s negotiations come to naught when Barbossa reminds him that his easygoing attitude was what lost him the Pearl. Barbossa pursues the Interceptor, and a battle ensues. Barbossa’s crew is victorious, sinking the Interceptor and imprisoning the crew. Will reveals he is Bootstrap Bill’s son and demands that Elizabeth and the crew be freed, or he will shoot himself and fall overboard, foiling Barbossa’s plan to break the curse. Barbossa agrees but applies another loophole, marooning Elizabeth and Jack on the island Jack was on ten years earlier. Will is taken to Isla de Muerta, where Barbossa plans to kill him to break the curse. On the remote island, Elizabeth discovers how Jack escaped: the island was used as a cache by rum runners and Jack managed to barter passage off.

Elizabeth burns the cache of rum to create a signal fire that Norrington’s ship spots. She convinces Norrington to rescue Will by accepting his marriage proposal. Returning to Isla de Muerta, Norrington sets an ambush while Jack persuades Barbossa to form an alliance. He tells him to delay breaking the curse until they have taken Norrington’s ship, the Dauntless. Jack’s plan goes awry when Barbossa orders his crew to infiltrate the Dauntless from underwater. Elizabeth infiltrates the Pearl and frees Jack’s crew. She tries enlisting the crew’s help, but they make off with the Pearl while Elizabeth heads to the island to aid Will. Elizabeth saves Will while Jack battles Barbossa.

Norrington spots his ship under attack and orders his men to return. They make it to the ship in time and engage the cursed pirates in battle. Meanwhile, when Barbossa attempts to kill Elizabeth, Jack shoots Barbossa. Barbossa thinks Jack just wasted his shot, but Will then drops the last two medallions, stained with his blood, into the chest. No longer immortal, Barbossa collapses and dies. The now-mortal pirates aboard the Dauntless surrender.

At Port Royal, Jack is to be executed. Believing Jack deserves to live, Will attempts a rescue. Both are captured, and Norrington says Will has forgotten his place, to which Will and Elizabeth say it’s between him and Jack. Jack falls backward and swims to the newly-repaired Black Pearl. Will is pardoned and allowed to marry Elizabeth. When asked about Jack, Norrington thinks they can afford to give him one day’s head start before giving pursuit. The crew rescues him and despite his promise toAnamaria to replace her ship, she gives him the captain’s position. The film ends with Jack looking at his compass while singing „A Pirate’s Life for Me„.

In a post-credits scene, Captain Barbossa’s monkey, also named Jack, finds his body. After seeing the chest, Jack looks into it and picks up the coins which have blood on them. The monkey becomes a skeleton again and jumps up at the camera.


An eccentric pirate noted for a slightly drunken swagger, accompanied by slurred speech and awkwardly flailing hand gestures. He has gained a reputation with made-up stories of how he escaped from the deserted island he was put on. He is determined to regain the Black Pearl, which he captained ten years before. The role was originally written especially for Hugh Jackman, thus the name „Jack Sparrow“; however, he was not well known outside of his native Australia, so Disney cast the more famous Depp as Jack. Depp found the script quirky: rather than trying to find treasure, the crew of the Black Pearl were trying to return it in order to lift their curse; also, the traditional mutiny had already taken place. Initially Sparrow was, according to Bruckheimer, „a young Burt Lancaster, just the cocky pirate.“ At the first read-through, Depp surprised the rest of the cast and crew by portraying the character in an off-kilter manner. After researching 18th-century pirates, Depp compared them to modern rock stars and decided to base his performance on Keith Richards. Although Verbinski and Bruckheimer had confidence in Depp, partly because it would be Bloom who was playing the traditional Errol Flynn-type, Disney executives were confused, asking Depp whether the character was drunk or gay, and Michael Eisner even proclaimed while watching rushes, „He’s ruining the film!“ Depp answered back, „Look, these are the choices I made. You know my work. So either trust me or give me the boot.“
The captain of the Black Pearl, he was Captain Jack Sparrow’s first mate before he led a mutiny ten years before. He and his crew stole cursed Aztec gold, for which they are cursed to walk the earth forever. Verbinski approached Rush for the role of Barbossa, as he knew he would not play it with attempts at complexity, but with a simple villainy that would suit the story’s tone.
A blacksmith’s apprentice working in Port Royal, he is in love with Elizabeth Swann. Will struggles with the fact his father, „Bootstrap“ Bill, was a pirate, unable to reconcile that he was a good man too. Bloom read the script after Geoffrey Rush, with whom he was working on Ned Kelly, suggested it to him.
The daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann, Elizabeth has been fascinated with pirates since childhood. During the Black Pearl’s attack on Port Royal, she gives her name as Turner and is mistaken for „Bootstrap“ Bill’s child. She also is in love with Will Turner. Elizabeth abandons the „damsel in distress“ image and in time her personality changes to that of a noble pirate. Knightley came as a surprise to Verbinski; he had not seen her performance in Bend It Like Beckham and was impressed by her audition.
An officer in the Royal Navy who is in love with Elizabeth and has a deep-seated dislike for pirates. Early in the film, he remarks that Jack Sparrow is „the worst pirate I have ever heard of.“
Jack Sparrow’s friend and first mate, he was once a sailor for the Royal Navy. He is usually the one who tells the legends of Jack Sparrow.
A female pirate who signs up to join Will Turner and Mr Gibbs for a chance to confront Jack Sparrow for stealing her ship. He promises her the Interceptor in an attempt to assuage her.
Governor of Jamaica, based in Port Royal, and father of Elizabeth Swann. Tom Wilkinson was negotiated with to play the part, but the role went to Pryce, whom Depp idolized.
A pirate aboard the Black Pearl. He and Ragetti dress up as women to provide the distraction that allows the cursed pirates to board the Dauntless near the end of the movie. He and Ragetti provide the majority of the comic relief for the pirate side of the story.
A pirate aboard the Black Pearl, Pintel’s buddy, with a wooden eye that never seems to stay in place.
A sailor who had his tongue cut out, is now mute and has a macaw to talk for him. He lived in Tortuga until Jack and Will hired him to help rescue Elizabeth.
A dwarf pirate who also lived in Tortuga until hired by Jack and Will to rescue Elizabeth.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2003 remake of the 1974 horror film of the same name. The 2003 film was directed by Marcus Nispel and produced by Michael Bay. It was also co-produced by Kim Henkeland Tobe Hooper, co-creators of the original 1974 film.

This film is the first of many horror remakes to come from Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes production company which also remade The Amityville HorrorThe HitcherFriday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. The film became a success at the box office despite negative reviews from critics.


In the beginning of the film, there is archive footage of a police search of the Hewitt house. The two officers survey the house and descend into the basement, noting the fingernail scratch marks, human blood and hair embedded into the walls.

We are then brought to August 1973 where five young adults, Erin (Jessica Biel), Kemper (Eric Balfour), Morgan (Jonathan Tucker), Andy (Mike Vogel), and Pepper (Erica Leerhsen), are on their way to aLynyrd Skynyrd concert after returning from Mexico. As they drive through Texas, they see a distraught hitchhiker (Lauren German), who eventually gets in their van. After trying to speak to the hitchhiker, who speaks incoherently about „a bad man„, she shoots and kills herself with a .357 Magnum. The group tries to contact the police, then go to a store where a woman (Marietta Marich) tells them the sheriff is at the mill. Instead of the sheriff, they find a little boy named Jedediah (David Dorfman) who tells them that the sheriff is at home drinking. Erin and Kemper go through the woods to find his house, leaving the other three at the mill with the boy. They come to a plantation house where Erin is allowed inside by the owner, an amputee named Monty, to phone for help. When Erin finishes, the old man asks her for help. Kemper goes inside to look for Erin and attacked by the vicious-looking Leatherface (Andrew Bryniarski), who hits him with a sledgehammer. When Leatherface takes Kemper’s body to begin to make a new mask out of him, he discovers a small black box from Kemper; opening it, he discovers a ring meant for Erin.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Hoyt (R. Lee Ermey) arrives at the mill and disposes of the hitchhiker’s body, wrapping her in cellophane and putting her in his trunk in which he drives away and tells the youths to leave. Erin arrives and finds that Kemper is still missing. Andy and Erin go back to the Monty’s house, where Erin distracts him while Andy searches for Kemper. Monty realizes Andy is inside and summons Leatherface, who attacks him with his chainsaw. Erin escapes and heads towards the woods, but Leatherface cuts Andy’s leg off. Leatherface carries him to the basement and hangs him on a meat hook with his feet hanging over a piano, where he rubs salt on Andy’s stump of a leg before wrapping it in butcher paper and tying it with human hair.

Erin makes it to the mill and tries to escape in the van, but the sheriff shows up and, after finding marijuana, orders Erin, Morgan and Pepper to get out of the van. The sheriff gives Morgan the gun he took from the hitchhiker and tells Morgan to reenact how she killed herself. Morgan, scared and disturbed by the sheriff’s demeanor, and under pressure by Erin and Pepper, attempts to shoot the sheriff only to find the gun is unloaded. Sheriff Hoyt handcuffs Morgan and drives him to the Hewitt house (a drive which includes a brutal beating), leaving the girls in the van. Erin tries to fix the truck, while Pepper holds a flashlight. Erin gets the truck running, but the one of the wheels rolls out. Erin and Pepper stay still in the truck but Leatherface appears on the top of the truck and tries to attack them. After witnessing Pepper’s murder by Leatherface, Erin, who sees that Leatherface is wearing Kemper’s face over his own, runs to escape and hides in a nearby trailer with two women inside, who offer her tea and try to soothe her. The two women, an obese middle-aged woman known only as the ‘Tea Lady’ and a younger woman named Henrietta, whom is presumably her daughter, act strange and after they tell Erin they don’t have a phone for her to call for help, a telephone in the trailer rings and Henrietta picks it up and tells someone on the other end that „she’s here“. Erin discovers they have kidnapped a child when she sees that the baby with them is the same child in a photograph with the woman who committed suicide earlier. However, the tea is drugged and she passes out when she tries to leave.

Erin wakes up at the Hewitt house surrounded by the Hewitt family: Leatherface, his mother Luda May, Sheriff Hoyt, Uncle Monty, and the little boy Jedediah. Luda May tells Erin that her excuse for her son Thomas’ actions, was that her son was tormented by teenagers and that she felt no one cared for her family besides themselves. Erin is taken to the basement, where she finds Andy. She tries to help him off of the meat hook but when he sees he will land on the piano keys and alert Leatherface, he begs her to kill him, which she does, though suffers severe emotional trauma. She finds Morgan, still handcuffed, and Jedediah leads them out of the house. Jedediah rejects Erin’s plea to come with them and distracts Leatherface long enough for them to escape. Erin and Morgan find an abandoned house in the woods and barricade themselves inside. Leatherface breaks in and discovers Erin, but Morgan attacks Leatherface, causing him to drop his chainsaw. Morgan grabs him and wrestles him, but Leatherface is too heavy and easily lifts Morgan upwards onto a chandelier before releasing him and Morgan gets tangled in the chandelier by his handcuffs. Leatherface picks up his chainsaw and slices up into Morgan’s crotch, killing him.

Erin runs out of the shack and escapes through the woods. Leatherface trips and cuts his leg while pursuing her. Erin finds a slaughterhouse and hides in a locker; Leatherface opens the locker across from hers and she attacks him with a meat cleaver, and chops off his right arm. Erin runs outside and flags down a trucker, whom she tries to convince to go away from the Hewitt’s house, but he stops to find help at the eatery. Erin sees Luda May and watches as Sheriff Hoyt arrives and talks to the trucker. Erin sees Henrietta watching over the kidnapped baby in a highchair. When Henrietta walks outside to join Luda May and Sheriff Hoyt whom are talking to the truck driver, Erin sneaks the baby out of the eatery and hot-wires the sheriff’s car before running him over repeatedly until he is dead. Leatherface appears in the road and tries to stop her, but Erin and the baby escape unharmed.

The police archive footage continues to play. The officers inspect the basement noting the hanging meat hooks when suddenly one of the officers is grabbed and severely beaten. A blurred figure viciously shakes the camera and the other police officer is heard screaming. The narrator states that „The crime scene was not properly secured by Travis County Police. Two investigating officers were fatally wounded that day. This is the only known image of Thomas Hewitt, the man they call Leatherface. The case today still remains open“.


Catch Me If You Can

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Catch Me If You Can is a 2002 American biographical comedy-drama film based on the life of Frank Abagnale, Jr., who, before his 19th birthday, successfully performed cons worth millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot, a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana parish prosecutor. His primary crime was check fraud; he became so skillful that the FBI eventually turned to him for help in catching other check forgers. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Abagnale, Tom Hanks as Hanratty, along with Christopher WalkenAmy AdamsMartin Sheen, and Nathalie Baye.

Development for the film started in 1980 but did not progress until 1997 when the film rights to Abagnale’s book were purchased by Spielberg’s DreamWorksDavid FincherGore VerbinskiLasse Hallström,Miloš Forman and Cameron Crowe had all been possible candidates for director before Spielberg decided to direct. Filming took place from February to May 2002. The film was a financial and critical success, and the real Abagnale reacted positively to it.


Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio), 16 years old, lives in 1963 New Rochelle, New York with his father Frank Abagnale Sr (Christopher Walken), and French mother Paula (Nathalie Baye). When Frank Sr. is denied a business loan at Chase Manhattan Bank due to unspecified difficulties with the IRS, the family is forced to move from their large home to a small apartment. Paula carries on an affair with Jack (James Brolin), a friend of her husband. Meanwhile, Frank poses as a substitute teacher in his French class. Frank’s parents file for divorce, and Frank runs away. When he runs out of money, he begins to rely on confidence scams to get by. Soon, Frank’s cons grow bolder and he even impersonates an airline pilot. He forges Pan Am payroll checks and succeeds in stealing over $2.8 million.

Meanwhile, Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), an FBI bank fraud agent, begins to track down Frank. Carl and Frank meet in a hotel, where Frank convinces Carl his name is Barry Allen of the Secret Service. Frank leaves, with Carl fooled, who angrily realizes his mistake. Later, at Christmas, Carl is still working when Frank calls him, attempting to apologize for duping Carl. Carl rejects his apology and tells him he will soon be caught, but laughs when he realizes Frank actually called him because he has no one else to talk to. Frank hangs up, and Carl continues to investigate, suddenly realizing (thanks to a waiter) that the name „Barry Allen“ is from the Flash comic books and that Frank is just a teenager.

Frank, meanwhile, has not only changed to becoming a doctor and a lawyer, but has fallen in love with Brenda (Amy Adams), to whom he eventually admits the truth about himself and asks her to run away with him. Carl tracks him to his wedding party where Frank has left Brenda, asking her to meet him two days later so they can elope. Frank sees her waiting for him two days later, but also sees agents in disguise and realizes he has been set up and escapes on a flight to Europe. Seven months later, Carl shows his boss that Frank has been forging checks all over western Europe and asks permission to go to Europe to look for him. When his boss says no, Carl brings Frank’s checks to printing professionals who deem that the check was printed in France. Remembering from an interview with Frank’s mother that she was born in Montrichard, France, Carl goes there where he finds Frank, and tells him that the French police will kill him if he does not go with Carl quietly. Frank assumes he is lying at first, but Carl promises Frank he would never lie to him, and Carl takes him outside, where the French police escort him to prison.

The scene then flashes forward to a plane returning Frank home from prison, where Carl informs him that his father has died. Consumed with grief, Frank escapes from the plane and goes back to his old house, where he finds his mother with the man she left his father for, as well as a girl that Frank realizes is his half-sister. Frank gives himself up and is sentenced to 12 years in prison, getting visits from time to time from Carl. When Frank points out how one of the checks Carl is carrying as evidence is fake, Carl convinces the FBI to offer Frank a deal by which he can live out the remainder of his sentence working for the bank fraud department of the FBI, to which Frank accepts. While working at the FBI, Frank misses the thrill of the chase and even attempts to fly as an airline pilot again. He is cornered by Carl, who insists that Frank will return to the FBI job since no one is chasing him.

On the following Monday, Carl is nervous that Frank has not yet appeared at work. However, Frank finally shows up and they discuss their next case.

The ending credits reveal that Frank has been happily married for 26 years, has three sons, lives in the Midwest, is still good friends with Carl, has caught some of the world’s most elusive money forgers, and earns millions of dollars each year because of his work creating unforgeable checks.


Leonardo DiCaprio and the real Frank Abagnale.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale, Jr. Before his 19th birthday, Frank successfully conned millions of dollars worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and Louisiana parish prosecutor.
  • Tom Hanks as Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent who pursues Frank for most of the film. Hanratty is often mocked by other agents who do not take check fraud seriously. Hanratty is divorced, and his daughter and wife live in Chicago. In the end, Carl and Frank become great friends.
  • Christopher Walken as Frank Abagnale, Sr., Frank’s father, and a World War II veteran. Frank, Sr. loses his wife Paula and most of his wealth after he committed tax evasion. Frank, Sr. dies after falling down a staircase in a train station.
  • Nathalie Baye as Paula Abagnale. Frank, Sr. meets her when she is 18 years old in Montrichard, France during World War II. Five weeks later the couple marries. They divorce when Frank is 16, leaving Paula to marry Jack Barnes. Towards the end of the film, they have a daughter.
  • Amy Adams as Brenda Strong. Before becoming a nurse, Brenda has an abortion. Her strict Lutheran parents disown her, until they meet Frank, Jr.
  • Martin Sheen as Roger Strong, Brenda’s father, and Carol’s husband. Roger is a well-recognized district attorney in Louisiana and is not easily convinced that Frank, Jr. graduated from law school.
  • James Brolin as Jack Barnes, an associate of Frank, Sr. at the New Rochelle, New York Rotary Club. Barnes later carries on an affair with Paula, leading to the divorce of Frank Jr.’s parents.
  • Nancy Lenehan as Carol Strong, Brenda’s mother and Roger’s wife. When thinking that Frank, Jr. is a doctor, lawyer and Lutheran, she is highly ecstatic for her daughter’s marriage.

Brian HoweFrank John Hughes and Chris Ellis portray FBI agents. Jennifer Garner cameos as a call girl, and Ellen Pompeo and Elizabeth Banks have small roles. The real Frank Abagnale appears as a French policeman arresting his character.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a 2009 American action film based on the Marvel Comics‘ fictional character Wolverine. The fourth installment in the X-Men film series, it was released worldwide on May 1, 2009. The film is directed by Gavin Hood and stars Hugh Jackman as the title character, along with Liev Schreiber as Victor CreedDanny HustonWill.i.amLynn CollinsDominic MonaghanTaylor KitschDaniel HenneyKevin Durand and Ryan Reynolds. The film acts as a prequel/spin-off for the X-Men trilogy, focusing on the violent past of the mutant Wolverine and his relationship with his half-brother Victor Creed. The plot also details Wolverine’s early encounters with Major William Stryker, his time with Team X, and the bonding of Wolverine’s skeleton with the indestructible metal adamantium during the Weapon Xprogram.

The film was mostly shot in Australia and New Zealand, with Canada also serving as a location. Production and post-production were troubled, with conflicts arising between director Hood and Fox’s executives, and an unfinished workprint being leaked on the Internet one month before the film’s debut. Reviews for X-Men Origins: Wolverine were mixed, with critics considering the film and its screenplay uninspired, but praising Hugh Jackman’s performance. It opened at the top of the box office, and has grossed $179 million in the United States and Canada and over $373 million worldwide.


In 1845 Canada, young James Howlett sees his father killed by groundskeeper Thomas Logan. The trauma activates the boy’s mutation: bone claws protrude from James’ hands, and he kills Thomas, who reveals with his dying breath to be James’ real father. James flees into the forest along with Thomas’s son Victor Creed, who is thus James’ brother. They spend the next century as soldiers, fighting in theAmerican Civil War, both World Wars and the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, Victor (Liev Schrieber) attempts to rape a local village woman, but is stopped after killing a senior officer. James (Hugh Jackman) defends his brother, and the two are sentenced to execution by firing squad, which they survive. Major William Stryker (Danny Huston) approaches them, now in military custody, and offers them membership inTeam X, a group of mutants including marksman Agent Zero (Daniel Henney), swordsman Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), teleporter John Wraith (Will.i.am), invulnerable Fred Dukes (Kevin Durand) and electropathic Chris Bradley (Dominic Monaghan). They join the team, but the group’s questionable actions and disregard for human life cause James to leave.

Six years later, James, now going by the name Logan, lives in Canada with his girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins). Colonel Stryker locates Logan and warns him that someone is killing members of the team; both Wilson and Bradley are dead. Shortly afterward, Victor murders Kayla and attacks Logan. Stryker offers Logan a way to beat Victor; Logan undergoes an operation to reinforce his skeleton withadamantium, a virtually indestructible metal. Before the procedure, Logan asks for new dog tags inscribed with „Wolverine“, based on a story that Kayla told him. Once the procedure is complete, Stryker orders Logan’s memory erased, but Logan overhears and fights his way out. As Logan runs, Zero tracks him down but is killed.

Logan locates Wraith and Dukes and asks them about the location of Stryker’s new laboratory, referred to as „The Island“. They tell him to find Remy „Gambit“ LeBeau (Taylor Kitsch), who escaped and knows the location of The Island. Logan and Wraith locate Gambit in New Orleans, but when Logan asks for the Island’s location, Gambit suspects he was sent to recapture him and attacks. Outside, Logan finds Victor, who had just killed Wraith and the two fight. When Logan is about to kill Victor, Gambit interrupts, and Victor escapes. Logan and Gambit fight before Logan convinces him he is not working for Stryker. Gambit takes him to Stryker’s facility on Three Mile Island. When General Munson tries to shut Weapon XI down, learning of Stryker’s son and believing that he is too emotionally close to the situation, Stryker kills him. There, Logan learns that Kayla is alive and conspired with Stryker in exchange for her sister’s safety. Enraged, Logan leaves. Victor then arrives, demanding the adamantium bonding promised for his service, but Stryker refuses on the basis that Victor would not survive the procedure. Victor attempts to kill Kayla, but Logan hears her screams and returns. Logan defeats and nearly kills Victor, but Kayla stops him. Meanwhile, Stryker activates Weapon XI, a „mutant killer“ with the abilities of other mutants created upon Wilson’s body, which Stryker refers to as „The Deadpool„.

Kayla and Logan free the imprisoned mutants, and on their escape they are found by Weapon XI. Logan holds Weapon XI off while the mutants flee. During the escape, Kayla, mortally wounded, decides to stay behind while the party led by Scott Summers (Tim Pocock) is greeted by Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who offers them shelter at his school.

Logan lures Weapon XI to the top of one of the plant’s cooling towers. Logan is almost killed until Victor intervenes. Logan decapitates Weapon XI and kicks him into the base of the cooling tower. As he falls, the head fires optic blasts that cause the tower to start falling apart. Victor departs and Logan is saved from the collapsing tower by Gambit. After Logan finds Kayla, Stryker shoots him in the forehead with adamantium bullets, rendering him unconscious. Kayla uses her persuasion powers to make Stryker drop the gun and commands him to walk away before dying from her wounds. Gambit returns as Logan regains consciousness, but the brain damage caused by the bullets has triggered amnesia. Gambit tries convincing Logan to come with him, but he declines, wanting to go his own way.


  • Hugh Jackman as James Howlett / Logan / Wolverine: The mutant and future X-Men member. Jackman, who played Wolverine in the previous films, has also become producer of the film via his companySeed Productions, and earned $25 million for the film. Jackman underwent a high intensity weight training regimen to improve his physique for the role. He altered the program to shock his body into change and also performed cardiovascular workouts. Jackman noted no digital touches were applied to his physique in a shot of him rising from the tank within which Wolverine has his bones infused withadamantium.
    • Troye Sivan as Young James: Casting directors cast Sivan as the young Wolverine after seeing him sing at the Channel Seven Perth Telethon, and he was accepted after sending in an audition tape.Kodi Smit-McPhee was originally cast in the role, when filming was originally beginning in December 2007,but he opted out to film The Road.
  • Liev Schreiber as Victor Creed: Logan’s half-brother and fellow soldier. Jackman and Hood compared Wolverine and Sabretooth’s relationship to the Borg–McEnroe rivalry in the world of tennis: Victor hates him because he loved and needed his brother, but is too proud to admit he needs him back.Tyler Mane, who played him in X-Men, had hoped to reprise the role.Jackman worked with Schreiber before, in the 2001 romantic comedy Kate & Leopoldand described him as having a competitive streak necessary to portray Sabretooth. They „egged“ each other on set to perform more and more stunts. Schreiber put on 40 lb (18 kg) of muscle for the part, and described Sabretooth as the most monstrous role he ever played. As a child, he loved the Wolverine comics because of their unique „urban sensibility“. Schreiber had studied to be a fight choreographer and wanted to be a dancer like Jackman, so he enjoyed working out their fight scenes.
  • Danny Huston as William Stryker: Schreiber was originally in negotiations for the part, while Brian Cox, who played the character in X2, wanted to reprise the role. He believed computer-generated imagery, similar to the program applied to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the opening flashback of X-Men: The Last Stand, would allow him to appear as the younger Stryker. Huston liked the complex Stryker, who „both loves and hates mutants because his son was a mutant and drove his wife to suicide. So he understands what they’re going through, but despises their destructive force.“ He compared the character to a racehorse breeder, who rears his mutant experiments like children but abandons them when something goes wrong. His son is shown to be frozen at the Weapon X facility and the reason Stryker starts the Weapon XI program.
  • Will.i.am as John Wraith: A teleporting mutant. It is will.i.am’s major live-action film debut. Although he initially did not get on with the casting director, he got the role because he wanted to play a mutant with the same power as Nightcrawler. He enrolled in boot camp to get into shape for the part. When filming a fight, he scarred his knuckles after accidentally punching and breaking the camera.
  • Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox: Wolverine’s love interest and later captive of Stryker. She has the powers of tactile telepathy/hypnosis. However, Victor is immune to her powers due to his resistance to telepathy. Describing her role, Collins said that „I had to play off all the guys and their testosterone-heavy abilities. But I learned that the female powers of persuasion easily trump fangs and knives and guns.In addition to Lynn Collins’ acting talent, the film’s casting department selected Collins to portray native person, Layla Silverfox (a member of the Blackfoot/Niitsítapi nation in the Marvel Comics universe), because they discovered that she is „a Texas native“.Michelle Monaghan turned down the role because of scheduling conflicts, despite her enthusiasm to work with Jackman.
  • Kevin Durand as Fred J. Dukes / The Blob: A mutant with a nearly indestructible layer of skin and the ability to create his own gravitational field. In the film’s early sequences, he is a formidable fighting man, but years later, due to a poor diet, has gained an enormous amount of weight that gives him an invulnerability. A fan of the X-Men movies, Durand contacted the producers for a role as soon as news of a new film came out. The suit went through six months of modifications, and had a tubing system inside to cool Durand down with ice water.
  • Dominic Monaghan as Chris Bradley: A mutant who can manipulate electricity and a technopath. It was originally reported that Monaghan was going to play Barnell Bohusk / Beak.
  • Taylor Kitsch as Remy LeBeau / Gambit: A Cajun thief who has the ability to charge any object he touches with kinetic energy, forcing it to explode. The size of the object determines the magnitude of the resulting explosion. He is also skilled in the use of a staff, and happens to be very agile. Due to the nature of his power, he displays supernatural durability, being able to take Wolverine’s elbow to his face and return to fight moments later. When asked about his thoughts on the character, Kitsch had said, „I knew of him, but I didn’t know the following he had. I’m sure I’m still going to be exposed to that. I love the character, I love the powers, and I love what they did with him. I didn’t know that much, but in my experience, it was a blessing to go in and create my take on him. I’m excited for it, to say the least.“
  • Daniel Henney as Agent Zero: A member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal sniper skills. An X-Men fan, Henney liked the role of a villain because „there are no restrictions playing it, allowing you freely to express it, so you can act how you want to“. He described the film as more realistic and cruder than the X-Men trilogy.
  • Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson: A wisecracking mercenary with lethal swordsmanship skill and athleticism, who later becomes Deadpool. Reynolds had been interested in playing the character in his own film since 2003. Originally, Reynolds was only going to cameo as Wilson but the role grew after he was cast. Reynolds did sword-training for the character, and also worked out to get his physique comparable to Jackman’s.
  • Scott Adkins as Weapon XI / Deadpool: Weapon XI is the final antagonist of the film, having been genetically altered to be the ultimate mutant killer. He has powers taken from other mutants killed or kidnapped in the film, as well as retractable blades in his arms. Ryan Reynolds portrays Weapon XI for close-ups, standing shots, and simple stunts while Scott Adkins is used for the more complicated and dangerous stunt work.
  • Tim Pocock as Scott Summers: A mutant capable of emitting powerful beams of energy from his eyes, who will later become Cyclops, leader of the X-Men. He is shown as a Weapon X captive as he is caught by Victor Creed. Pocock is a debuting screen actor who previously worked with Opera Australia, who decided to play the character as „his own“ instead of following James Marsden‘s performance in the X-Men trilogy, feeling that „he’s a very different human being at that point in time. He’s a teenager. What teenager is the same when they’re 30 years old?“ Pocock also described Wolverine as being Cyclops’ „big transition moment“, with the character going from a troubled teenager to a leader throughout the course of the film.
  • Max Cullen and Julia Blake as Travis Hudson and Heather Hudson: An elderly couple who take care of Wolverine after his adamantium bonding. The Hudsons are heavily adapted from the comics’ James MacDonald and Heather Hudson.
  • Peter O’Brien as John Howlett: James’ alleged father, shot by Thomas Logan in the film’s opening.
  • Aaron Jeffery as Thomas Logan: Victor and James’ real father, who ends up getting killed by James.
  • Alice Parkinson as Elizabeth Howlett: James’ mother.
  • Tahyna Tozzi as Kayla’s Sister / Emma: A mutant with the power to turn her skin into diamond, who in the film is Silverfox’s sister.X2 writer Dan Harris said that Sigourney Weaver would have played Emma Frost in X-Men: The Last Stand if Bryan Singer had stayed on to direct. The film depiction of Emma does not exhibit the character’s traditional telepathic abilities.


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Troy is a 2004 epic war film written by David Benioff and directed by Wolfgang Petersen based on the events of the Trojan War. Its cast includes Brad Pitt as AchillesEric Bana as HectorOrlando Bloom asParisDiane Kruger as HelenSean Bean as OdysseusBrian Cox as AgamemnonRose Byrne as BriseisGarrett Hedlund as PatroclusPeter O’Toole as PriamBrendan Gleeson as Menelaus, and Tyler Mane as Greater Ajax.

It was nominated for the Academy Award for Costume Design.


Based on Homer‘s The Iliad; in Sparta, Prince Hector (Eric Bana) and his young brother Paris (Orlando Bloom) negotiate peace between Troy and Sparta. Paris has fallen in love with Helen (Diane Kruger), the wife of king Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), and smuggles her back to Troy with him. Infuriated, Menelaus vows revenge. Menelaus approaches his brother Agamemnon (Brian Cox), a king who has conquered every army of Greece, and now commands them. Agamemnon, who has wanted to conquer Troy for years (which would give him control of the Aegean Sea), uses this as a justification to invade Troy. GeneralNestor (John Shrapnel) asks him to take the legendary warrior Achilles (Brad Pitt), to rally the troops to the cause.

Odysseus (Sean Bean), a king commanded by Agamemnon, visits Phtia to persuade Achilles to fight, and finds him training with Patroclus (Garrett Hedlund), his cousin. Achilles, pondering his decision, visits his mother Thetis (Julie Christie) for advice. She tells him that, before he was even born, she knew this day would come. She also tells him that if he does not go to Troy, he will live a long, happy life and have children, but after he dies, his name will be forgotten and nobody will remember him. If he does go to Troy, he will find great glory in battle, his name will be written into history forever, but he will die there. Achilles, wanting his name to be remembered, chooses to go.

The Greeks sail for Troy. Achilles and the Myrmidons are the fastest rowers and land before anyone else. They kill many Trojans and desecrate the temple of Apollo. Briseis (Rose Byrne), a member of the Trojan royal family, is captured and taken as a prize to the Greeks, despite Achilles’ claiming her as a war prize himself.

Achilles and his Myrmidons do not fight the next day because of Agamemnon’s unfair claim to Briseis. With Greeks surrounding Troy, Paris challenges Menelaus to a duel to settle things. Menelaus agrees; however, Agamemnon plans on attacking the city regardless of the outcome. Paris is easily defeated, and wounded, but not killed. Hector intervenes and kills Menelaus. The Greeks charge the Trojan lines but are forced to fall back when they are nearly wiped out by archers on Troy’s walls. Ajax is slain in the battle as well on the hands of Hector.

Agamemnon gives Briseis to his men, but Achilles rescues her. He carries her back to his tent and tends her wounds. Briseis then tries to kill Achilles but realizes that she has feelings for him and the two make love. The next day Achilles is readying his men to leave, much to Patroclus’ indignation.

The Trojans launch a surprise attack. As the Greeks seem to be on the verge of defeat, Achilles appears with the Myrmidons and joins the battle, eventually fighting against Hector. All are shocked when Hector cuts Achilles’ throat. However, Hector kneels and pulls Achilles’ helmet off revealing it was really Patroclus whom he has mortally wounded. Both armies agree to end fighting for the day, and Odysseus informs Hector who he had killed. Achilles, who had slept through the battle, is told by Eudorus of his cousin’s death. The Greeks had also mistaken Patroclus for Achilles, since he had put on the same armour, and moved the same: Achilles furiously vows revenge. He attacks Eudorus and when Briseis tries to stop him, he throws her to the ground. Later that night, Achilles lights Patroclus’s funeral pyre.

The next day, Achilles approaches the gates of Troy alone and shouts for Hector to come out and face him. Hector knows he must face him alone so he says his goodbyes to his family and friends and then confronts Achilles. The two fight an evenly matched duel at the start, but Hector begins to tire as Achilles is too quick and strong and eventually incapacitates him and stabs him in the chest. He then ties the body to the back of his chariot, dragging it back to the Greek camp, leaving all the Trojans shocked. That night, King Priam (Peter O’Toole) visits the Greek army’s camp to retrieve Hector’s body. After the King makes his plea Achilles acquiesces to his request and allows him to take his son to be buried, promising him the 12 days for funerary rites. He states to Priam that Hector was the best he had ever fought. Achilles lets Priam take Briseis back as well. He later gives Eudorus one last order: to take the Myrmidons home.

Maquette Trojan Horse, used in Troy film, a gift from Brad Pitt to the Turkish townCanakkale.

During the twelve days while Troy mourns Hector’s death, the Greeks plan to enter the city using a hollowed-out wooden horse, devised by Odysseus, desperate to stem the slaughter of his own men at the hands of the Trojans. The Greeks leave the horse at their camp, then depart, hiding their ships in a nearby cove. Priam believes his priests that the horse is an offering to Poseidon and a gift. Assuming victory, the Trojans take the horse into the city and celebrate. A Trojan scout finds the Greek ships hiding in the cove but is killed by the Greeks before he can tell the news. A band of Greeks led by Achilles and Odysseus come out of the horse at night, opening the gates to the city, allowing the main army to enter. The Greeks commence the Sack of Troy, massacring the inhabitants and looting buildings. The Trojan army attempts and fails to defend the royal palace, and the Greeks storm in – killing Glaucus and Priam in the process.

While Troy is burned, Paris sees Aeneas together with Andromache and Helen and many others escaping Troy through a secret passage and hands him the sword of Troy. (In the Roman writer Virgil’s Aeneid, Aeneas and other Trojan survivors eventually found the city of Rome.)

Achilles searches for Briseis, who is being threatened by Agamemnon. She kills him with a concealed knife, and is saved from his guards by Achilles. While Achilles is helping Briseis to her feet, Paris shoots Achilles in his heel, and then several times in the torso. Briseis runs to Achilles, surprising Paris. Achilles urges Briseis to join Paris as they escape the city. Achilles watches the others flee, then dies of his wounds. The soldiers arrive to see the fallen Achilles with only a single arrow through his heel, as he had removed all the others from his chest, fulfilling the myth that Achilles was killed by a single arrow to the heel. Funeral rituals are performed for him in the ruins of Troy the next day. The film ends with a speech from Odysseus; „If they ever tell my story, let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses. Let them say I lived in the time of Achilles.“